Last Night.

There aren’t enough words in the universe to describe what happened last night. To give you the best glimpse I humanly can of what happened last night I will basically be writing out what I wrote in my journal.

I hope you read this and are encouraged and inspired. God is real and He is here.

October 28, 2013

Tonight. I don’t think words can accurately portray what happened tonight. I know I want to blog about it, but I want to see if Oyinda, Maddie, and Megan would be cool with me using their names. 

It started off as nothing really. Oyinda and I were walking out of her dorm and came across Megan’s car where Maddie and Megan were still talking. We kind of just squeezed ourselves into her car when we saw Maddie crying. Maddie just began sharing her heart. She explained how God has used her, but it hasn’t been easy. Then Oyinda opened up about how the Lord has used her, and what God has shown her about her father. I opened up after and just talked about the insecurity that plagued my life. We then kind of made this deal to just guard what we say and how much time we spend talking about marriage, and just making sure we’re not idolizing marriage the way we had been. 

After our little agreement, we started hashing out other feelings that we have felt. The next moment, Megan said we needed to pray. Like now. She started us off, praying for the school and that the God would just light a fire in our hearts to spread the Word. Maddie prayed for the ability to find our identity in Christ and strength to get through our present struggles. Oyinda prayed for the covering of all of our pasts hurts, and for the gift of forgiveness to those who had hurt us. 

Throughout this whole prayer time there was a shifting that was happening. I don’t know how to accurately describe it but the atmosphere was changing. When it came my turn to pray I knew the Holy Spirit had descended down into that car. I tried to start praying. I was honestly trying to find some eloquent words that I could drum up, but the Holy Spirit just took over. Then it began to pour out. 

I looked at Maddie, and the prayer just took a life of its own. I can’t remember all the words that were said, but I knew it hit where it needed to. Suddenly, Oyinda was then given a vision of Maddie in the future. It was beautiful. Then without warning Oyinda and I were speaking in our prayer language. For a solid hour we prayed, sang, laughed, cried all at once. 

Just snippets of what happened in that hour:

I remember just words spilling out of my mouth for Megan. That her heart would be restored. That her tears and pain are not in vain. Her heart would know what is right and what is wrong. She would have discernment, and she would be anointed to do all the God has set for her to do. Maddie I remember just praying for healing of all the broken places. That she will be confident in knowing that God has a perfect plan for her. She is precious to him. Oyinda I just burst into tears when I saw her crying out to God. Somehow I got a glimpse of her struggle, and I felt her pain. I just remember that freedom was declared over her life, and the enemy had been rebuked. We all declared complete freedom in all of our lives, and that we would walk out of that car new women of God!

The purest form of joy had settled on all of us after that. We laughed and were in utter shock of what had just happened. I hadn’t felt that way was since Canvas camp when I rededicated my life. It was magical.  Freedom. We have been set free from all strongholds. After we prayed and recovered from the shock of it all we began to worship. We got out of the car and unashamedly worshiped and danced for our Savior. As this beautiful time came to close we all had to part ways, but right when Megan was about to leave; her car broke down! We called some amazing friends who came and jumped her car, but  at that point a broken down car wasn’t about to discourage us!

Lord, You are so good!  I don’t think I can say that enough. The fact that you used me blows my mind. I am confident in knowing that I am here for a reason. I am good enough. The Holy Spirit resides in all of our hearts! The enemy has no place here, for this place is Holy Ground. 

I honestly was afraid to write everything that happened because of fear that some things could be taken the wrong way. But I realize now that the Holy Spirit moves in ways that we can’t even began to understand.

Last night was truly mind-blowing. Spiritual gifts were revealed, strongholds were broken, freedom was found, and hearts were restored. I hope anyone who reads this is encouraged. I hope you see a glimpse of the goodness of God, and realize that it the Holy Spirit falls freely on those who believe.

A huge thank you to all my lovely friends! Megan, Maddie, and Oyinda. Y’all have been such an inspiration to me, and I’m so thankful for the friendship that we have. I love how we can be completely honest and vulnerable with each other. I am glad we get to do life together and I get to see what God is doing in each of you. I love y’all!

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