When God Provides.


I have plenty of words and phrases,but I don’t know how I’m going to put it all together so you can get the full impact of what God did yesterday.

I think I’ll just jump into what happened.

After Pastor Jake taught we had a response time where anyone can go and receive prayer. In the middle of response time Pastor Jake got back on stage and said that anybody who needs peace just raise your hand. Now, I thought I had all the peace in the world but the Lord thought other wise and next thing I know my hand is in the air. Pastor Jake continued talking and the only thing I comprehended out of his mouth was financial peace. Who knew that those two words could open up a floodgate of tears? Well they did, and I realized that for this whole semester in the back of my mind I’ve been constantly worried about tuition. As next semester is coming up they released my next fee bill. I haven’t even looked at it in fear that I’ll go through what I with through at the beginning of the semester. And no matter how many times I pep talk myself; that darn financial burden leaves me cowering in a corner.

As I kept praying and crying I felt God’s peace just wash over me. I continued to pray for financial breakthrough for my family and for next semester. He even gave me a promise that I will never lack for all the days of my life. At the end of service I had God’s peace in my heart and was finally able to wipe my tears. In my head I literally said “Thanks God. That was good. I finally got it off my chest.” Not knowing that God had more up his sleeve.

I was packing up and scrubbing my face trying to make my eye make up look presentable again when a man tapped me on the shoulder. He took my hand a placed a bill in it.  Cue the waterworks! I was a mess hugging and thanking this stranger. He hugged me and told me that God has heard my prayer. He walked away leaving me with the money in my hand, and my eye makeup smeared all over my face again. Then I just bolted. Don’t ask, but I felt like I needed to fall apart somewhere. Not in a bad way, but as in did-God-just-do-what-I thought-he-did kind of way. Oyinda followed me to the restroom and I told her everything that happened between in and our of tear bouts. I was still in shock and completely just in awe.

I didn’t open the bill up until I was in the car, and this man gave me $100!  At this, tears began to swell AGAIN. I promise I’m not this weepy, but God kept reducing me to tears yesterday morning.

ALSO, get this. I have never seen this man in my life. I go to that church every Sunday, and I am even on the greet team. I saw him walk in and sit in the corner by himself and he didn’t really engage in conversation with anyone. And then right after service I watched him as he walked out of the door without talking to anyone either. It didn’t really connect in my mind until later, but I am fully convinced that man was sent from God just to confirm to me that he heard my prayer. I’ve debated if he was an angel or just some random man visiting Antioch. But you know what, I think he’s an angel because that’s what God does and I fully believe they walk among us.

“Oh Jesus” was literally the only thing I could say on the ride back to campus. I am so grateful that God would do that just for me. And it just came out of no where! Jesus answered my prayer, and moved mountains just to remind me that he heard my prayer. No emoji can show all the emotions I am feeling now. God is so faithful. He will never leave or forsake us. He hears our prayers and He knows each and every one of our needs!

Philippians 4:19

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Can I get an “Amen?”

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