If you were one of the children that went to New Light Christian Center Church then every time you heard the word Jubilee you were ready for Jubilee Song to play on the big screen. If you don’t know, check it out here. Seriously, it’s a solid children’s gospel song. Throughout my life, every time I heard or saw the word Jubilee, my mind would automatically belt out the lyrics to that song.

I honestly hadn’t really paid attention to the words until yesterday when God opened my eyes to the significance of Jubilee.

Yesterday I was doing my quiet time and Jubilee just kept being dropped in my spirit, but then I saw it was in Leviticus. Inwardly, I was like God please not Leviticus. There is just something about some books of the Bible that I know will completely go over my head so I avoid them. I know this isn’t the best way to go about reading the Bible, but I’m a work in progress! When I first read it I thought it was just a whole bunch of rules and my eyes were literally seconds away from glazing over. I was reading it over and over with no clear understanding. Just when I was about to tell Jesus that this isn’t working and I would rather be reading Isaiah; my mind started to digest what I had read like a bazillion times. I got super excited and I got on the internet to make sure I was on the right track.

The year of Jubilee is the year that liberty is proclaimed throughout the whole land. Meaning that all those who were in bondage are to be freed and all those who lost their land are called back to their property. But the only way to redeem your freedom or property is through a RELATIVE.

See, Jesus came to fulfill this law for good! We are His relatives, sons and daughters of the Most High God. Jesus has redeemed us out of the slavery and bondage and we are being returned to our rightful place with our rightful inheritance! Everything that was sold to Satan when Adam sinned, Jesus bought back! In this we have been ultimately redeemed from death. Death does not hold the right of redemption and has no choice to turn every captive loose at Jesus’ demand. Since we have been redeemed by Jesus we have a new master because according to Jubilee the redeemed slave is bound by the divine law to serve his Redeemer. We have become slaves of God, and we have been bought at a price( I Corinthians 7:22-23). Sin is no longer our master!

I’m just encouraged because this is my redemptive year, my year of Jubilee, my year of rejoicing and where I don’t do work anymore. It’s just Jesus and his chain breaking power that does the work. Last year was when God literally removed the chains that had me bond. When the New Year dawned, and the shofar blew at a little Nigerian Church, I knew that things had shifted in the supernatural. My year of favor, double, redemption, and freedom was announced. This year He has called me back to my rightful place in Him. I am considered a co-heir and Jesus is taking back for me EVERYTHING the enemy has stolen because he has redeemed me and has promised me my portion of blessings. No, wait.

He has promised me my double portion of blessings this year!

So maybe do a little Bible reading of your own and see what God has to say. I know Jubilee Year doesn’t just apply to me, and maybe it’s time you declare your Jubilee Year! This is the site that was super helpful in my little research. Check that out here!

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