I Am Here.

March 14, 2014

I am here.

Do you not feel my arms around you this very second?

I have seen you. I have seen your tears.

Do you know, I sat beside you and wept with you?

You are tired. Come to Me.


You let go. Let go of what isn’t good for you.

Those restless nights were not in vain.

I longed for you to spend time with me; gently nudging you so I can show you all that I have for you.

I am doing a new thing in you.

Just look about you!

Those tears are watering the seeds of the new things that are springing up.

Let go of all the things, but don’t ever let go of Me.

I am all you need. Your one true God.

I have missed you.

Wait earnestly for I am doing for you what you couldn’t do for yourself.

I am here always, and that is where I will forever be.

Just some lines that God laid on my heart a few days ago. I was begging for peace and clarity. Thought I would share because I know someone needs some encouragement. God is here and longs to touch the hearts of His people.


A sweet little reminder I got of just how God’s light invades the darkest of nights.

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