Because the children said so…

Every other Sunday I have the privilege to teach Bible Study to 3 yr. olds. I learn many lessons, and the biggest one so far is that I will be waiting a long time before I have kids!
However, today my little group of kiddos taught me a valuable lesson. Our Bible verse today was, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). I told them the story of Peter’s persistence and willingness to tell everyone about Jesus even after he went to jail. After many minutes of trying to convince them that Spider-man wasn’t the angel that saved Peter, some of the kids started to understand the meaning of the story. Suddenly, they were telling me/yelling at me that they were going to tell their friends that Jesus loves them.
I was inspired by these precious kids unshakable willingness to go and tell others about their Savior. Sometimes in my life I get a little timid when it comes to telling others about Jesus. It’s crazy, I know, but I always think what will they say about me? What if they ask something and I don’t know the right answer? But watching my little kiddos today and seeing their excitement to proclaim Jesus’ name changed my perspective.
I will never know everything about everything, but maybe if I can tap into the childlike willingness and persistence to say and show “Jesus loves you” to EVERYONE; people may begin to understand just how much Jesus loves his children.Image