Kenya Week 2.

July 7, 2013

Yesterday we hung around the house. Breakfast was bread, jelly, and butter. We had a hair washing part which was awesome because I haven’t washed my hair since Atlanta. I learned how to draw water from a well! After lunch we went to the church to do some intercessory prayer. The church is literally wooden posts with pieces of plastic and tin around it. We have church this morning at 10am.




July 8, 2013

Church was awesome. It was a workout because we danced  a lot. We got back home and Shannon and I helped make dinner. We had chapati and guacamole. Patrick and Emmy gave me a Kenyan name. Chepchumba. They said by the time I go back home I will know how to cook.  My feet have never been this dirty.



July 10, 2013

Monday we went to town. I was able to talk to my mom. I also went shopping! The streets were so crowded and dirt was everywhere. Tuesday was our first ministry day. We did house visits. Our first house we went to was of a family and the father has a large tumor on his nose. It was heartbreaking. They all knew the Lord so we prayed for them. We spent the afternoon visiting houses and praying for people. Today we had or first ministry day with Emmy since she had to go to the doctor yesterday. It was a little awkward but I’m beginning to understand that God can show up in any situation. Praying out loud is something I need to be more confident in. I walked Jeremy to school! We also get to spend out afternoons with the kids from his school!

IMG_1318 254

July 11, 2013

Today, I stayed behind from morning ministry. I helped around the house. I also got to watch Manuel most of the time! Afternoon ministry we went to Jeremy’s school. I sat down in the middle of the field and the just huddled around to talk. I asked them random questions about themselves and their culture, They were hilarious! I taught them some of the Spanish I know because they were shocked I wasn’t fluent in another language besides English. They were curious little souls. They wanted to know all about my family and how it was living in America. I am learning a lot about prayer and praying about others. I am spending so much time reading my Bible. We have so much down time. Grandma is asking God for a white man while I’m trying to sleep!




July 13, 2013

Yesterday a woman got saved! We also went to another house and the woman told us that we should have brought food. Then her and Emmy got into it. It was an interesting conversation. I got twist, but they aren’t holding. Apparently, my hair is too soft. I need to do something about my mosquito bites! They are all so swollen and they hurt.

Kenya Week 1.

I really don’t know how to summarize my month in Kenya in a few hundred words. So I decided just to share some excerpts of my journal from throughout the month.

July  1, 2013

So it begins! On the flight to Atlanta now. No crying fits. Thank God. And so far the flight has been smooth. It’s crazy. I think it’s really starting to hit me that I’ll be away from home for a month! Kenya here I come.

July 2, 2013

What a day! Last night was awesome. I really got to know the people on my team. We are broken up into smaller groups. I am with Kassie and Ally. We are going to have so much fun. I’m ready to see what God has in store for us.


July 4, 2013

Traveling to Kenya was no joke. We boarded the plane to Amsterdam and it took us seven hours to get there. The first flight I didn’t enjoy at all. The moving and shaking did not sit well with me. However, they made sure we were well fed and entertained. The second flight was a lot smoother. Maybe because I was delirious. We were all sleep deprived. We landed in Nairobi around 8pm Kenyan time.  We met up with the squad leaders from the World Race and drove to a local woman’s house that the set up camp at. It’s actually quite comical looking at all these tents in the front yard. I’m a little overwhelmed. I cried last night, but I think that was just to release some emotions. I was pent-up all day traveling and then being thrust into all of this, It was too much at once. I feel a lot better now. I’m ready to get to know the team I will be with. I need to figure out this whole shower thing though. Today is the Fourth of July! I’m wearing red white and blue. I’m excited to see Kenya in the light time. It’s way different from in the States.


July 5, 2013

I got to see baby elephants! There were also little children there that were yelling ‘Hello Americans!” The streets are absolutely crazy! The cars and the people have no rules whatsoever and basically do what they please. No stop lights.  Staying up fighting jet lag is not easy but it does make it easier. It is weird being here. I feel that home isn’t all that far away even though I am thousands of miles away.  We have no idea what we will be doing as our ministry which I kind of like because I have no expectations. I know God is ready to do some amazing things. All I know is that I am over packed and half of the clothes I probably won’t wear.

IMG_0963 IMG_9075 IMG_9097

July 6, 2013

We arrived at Patrick and Emmy’s house last evening. We are living in their house! Their house is nice considering the surroundings. It is very humble. There is a well outside and squatty potties and a bucket shower room. This is exactly how they live every single day. Sunday is church. Monday is off day. Tuesday-Friday is ministry days. Saturday is chill ministry day or waterfall day. I got to know more about my team today. I know God placed me on this team for a reason. Steadfast Pursuit.