No one ever said it would be easy.

These past few days have definitely been a whirlwind. I mean, my mind is still racing from all that has gone on. May 2 was when I had to have 75% ($3,000) of my funds in my account. I only had around $1,220 on April 30. I called Erin, the lady in charge of my trip, and she told me that I needed the funds or I wouldn’t be able to go. She also told me that God will provide if he wanted me to go, and she gave me a few days. I cried for hours. I considered backing out of the trip; I even had a rough draft of what I was going to write to explain I wasn’t going on the trip. I was a mess.

The night of April 30th I called my dad in tears. I told him everything and just cried and cried. At the end of the phone call he told me, “Don’t give up, Bayli. Just keep going.” We prayed and I hung up. But in that instant something clicked. I wasn’t going to give up. I worked too hard to get to this place, and I wasn’t ready to willingly give it up.

I came up with a proposition for my mom. If I could get a thousand then she could match my thousand. She agreed, but I don’t think she actually thought I could do it (don’t tell her I said that!)  I was a woman on a mission. I needed a thousand bucks, stat. I began making phone calls, sending emails, letting Facebook know, and meeting people from my dad’s church. Support started pouring in. I was so overwhelmed by it all. By May 2, I only need $125.56! A miracle!

I basically spent this whole time worrying and anxiously waiting for funds to come in, but God was dealing with my heart. I am not a patient person and I worry till I drive myself insane.

This is what I wrote in my journal May 2:

You never said it would be easy, and waiting anxiously is no fun! Give me peace in knowing that you are working in hearts and I will meet my deadline. I will trust you. You get all the glory in this because I could not do this without your constant encouragement, and the peace you give me when my mind seems to race. Guide me, in your grace and patience. I need you now more than ever and as I am going thought this journey reveal yourself to me. Show me what my heart should be like; change my perspective. Help me daily take up my cross and lay down my own desires. Glory to you and you alone! Hold me fast in your right hand and never let me go. Calm this anxious heart of mine. You have my heart! I want and crave your peace. Your will be done. Have your way!

Monday morning was when I could see how much I had in my account from the last week. I had the thousand I needed without all the money I had gotten from the weekend! I think I was in shock. They were still processing all the other donations, but the ones they did process already had me at way more than I needed! I think I had the goofiest grin when I told my mom that I got my half! So now as the other donations are being processed I am almost fully funded for my trip!

God is so faithful, and I am grateful that he has taken me through this journey. I feel that throughout this whole setting up process of getting to Africa he has really done a number on my heart. If just getting ready for Africa is this awesome; I can’t wait to see what he does when I actually reach Africa.

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated and who has been praying for me! I could not have done this without your help and generosity! I love y’all. And I’m glad I get to share this journey.